Monday, December 26, 2011

The Label Shop Review

I recently received a bunch of labels for my new business that I had asked for from the Label Shop. The customer service over at The Label Shop is just amazing. They emailed me back pretty much right away, had exactly what I was looking for in my return labels, and was incredibly speedy getting the product to me.  The labels, were just amazing. I had the company logo to the left and than all of my business information was correctly entered in and very neat. They can do any type of labels that you would like! In addition to the photos that they provide on their page, you can also request any labels you would like as well. The labels are easy peel return address labels, and you receive 30 per sheet!

The Label Shop also does much more than just labels.  They can also design and make custom logos and business cards for your business. So, if you are looking for some business supplies to enhance your business, head on over to The Label Shop today. You will be extremely please.  

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Winner of the $25 Gift Certificate to Izzy B Designs

The Winner of the $25 Gift Certificate to Izzy B Designs is  

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Winners of the Amazon Gift Card Giveaway 12/4

The Winners of the $10 Amazon Gift Cards are:
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Thank you.  Congrats Ladies and I will be sending you an email to confirm today.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Izzy B Designs Review and Giveaway

Izzy B Designs Review and Giveaway

The embroidered shirts over at Izzy B Designs are just amazing. We will start off and talk about the actual shirts that she uses.  The shirts are excellent quality and have a great thickness which will go very far for my son who can be quite destructive at times.  Her actual embroidered work is just amazing. She is one of few pages that I know that can put that kind of quality work out there and fast.  She offers 100's of different designs that can pretty much all be personalized to meet your demands.  I will also say, she is extremely fast when it comes to getting product to the customer. We were talking about doing a review and she had me pick out a design, so I went with the 2nd Birthday design for my son. Well, she than surprise me with the second shirt full done the next day. The stitching on the shirts are professionally done. There were no flaws at all.  Not only does she offer onesies and shirts, she also has dresses and longalls that can have any design also added to the clothing item. Also, if you don't see a design that you are looking for, just email her. She goes out of the way to help her customers.  As a parent, I look forward to shopping with her in the near future for my three boys and have already sent my friends and family her way.

Giveaway to win a $25 Gift Certificate to Izzy B Design Shop

This giveaway will run from 12/2-12/20. Please leave a comment for each entry that you complete

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Naked Bee Organics by KayLee

Naked Bee Organics by KayLee
Having extremely dry skin myself, I will say that these products were amazing.  The lotion, kept my hands nice and soft all day long when they are normally dry and cracked. I loved the nice fresh sent of the lotion too. Unlike many other lotions, I found this one to be wonderful since it was not greasy at all. I also now use this lotion on my son's eczema and it seems so far to take away the flare ups he has been having. 

The chap stick and soap were also amazing.  I am not a huge fan of big flavored and scented chap sticks, so this was great. The scent was barely there and I did not notice a flavor.  My husband actually has stolen the chap stick from me for that exact same reason.  For the soap, I use it especially on my one son during his baths and my showers since it has done wonders with my skin. This time around, I fully love the fact that the soap does have a scent. The soap itself provides a rich lather.

KayLee is a wonderful consultant. She communicated well with me and shipped the products extremely fast.  I would highly recommend doing business with her.  

Monday, November 21, 2011

Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

I am giving away $10 Amazon Gift Cards to two lucky blog followers of mine.  

Giveaway will run till 12/3

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Sock Monkey Hat from Hippy Child Crochet

Sock Monkey Hat from Hippy Child Crochet

I just love this hat. I had asked for a Sock Monkey hat with more boyish colors included in the hat and that is exactly what I got. The hat is perfect in size. In the past, I have been somewhat disappointed in some of the hats I have received from other businesses since the hat would be too small compared to what I have asked and having a child with a smaller sized head, I know it's not his head. This is also the first hat that my son actually wants to put and keep on. Most of the time he tries to yank of hats with in the first few minutes. He also enjoys to cuddle with the hat.

Hippy Child Crochet has amazing customer service. They are speedy when it comes to getting the custom made products out, but they don't just rush when it comes to quality. Their products are amazing and I will refer them to everyone I know.

NOse Offense

NOse Offense

Let me just say how wonderful NOse Offense is. I am a current dog owner of a 145 lb German Shepperd/Lab mix dog named Moose. We give him all the regular baths, but sometimes he just has this odor to him that just stinks. We have actually never used a pet spray before and this would be the very first and only one we use. It was truly amazing and it is not just like an air freshener that just last a few minutes and is gone. I love the fact that it covers up the odors, yet does not have a scent of it's own. I also love the fact that it is eco-friendly and non-toxic. I had a fan of mine that told me to try it on other items that have an odor around the house other than just the dog. So, I sprayed a little bit in the kitchen garbage can and was amazed that yet again the odor was gone. Before, I was a huge Febreeze fan, but I am now a huge NOse Offense fan and will no longer be purchasing Febreeze.

Just a little bit about the compangy (from their website)
"Rembo Corp is a global leader in odor elimination technology. We have been in business since 1997 producing ecologically sensitive products and developing new technology for the 21st century. In 2008 while working on a difficult odor problem, our founder Marvin Rembo discovered a particularly promising solution by utilizing the scientific principle of odor conjugation. He was able to completely neutralize & eliminate the odor without the use of any fragrances.

With his daughter Jaime, they continued development, searching for the proper combination of functionality and eco-friendliness. Once they had a balanced formula that was totally fragrance-free they had to look no further than their own dog, Zoe, to find the practical application for their formula. The smells that Zoe created and brought into the home seemed to be a constant presence.

After a year of further refinements we were granted a patent pending for our proprietary formulation.

The result is NOse Offense For PETS, “Your Fragrance -Free Odor Eliminator For PETS!”

We guarantee your complete satisfaction! If you are not satisfied with NOse Offense For PETS for any reason, we will refund your purchase price."

Review for Texas Gifts and Treasures.

Review for Texas Gifts and Treasures.

Key Finders: I will say these two Key Finders are my very first. I had the opportunity to review a Cow Boy Boot Finders Key Purse and a Pig can't fly Key Purse. After rummaging through my purse to find my keys, it was very simple to attach my keys to the finders key purse and then to my purse. This is one of those products that makes you say "Why didn't I think of that." Especially having 3 boys of my own, I need to be able to get to my keys fast since we are always on the go. Now I'll be always able to know where to find my keys and won't have to dig through everything in my purse before I finally get to them. The finders key purse isn't heavy or bulky at all and my keys easily attach to it and it fits nicely onto my purse or diaper bag, whichever I happen to be carrying that day. Texas Gifts and Treasures offers a large variety of these Key Finders over on their page and are completely affordable. These would make great gifts, party favors, and even stocking stuffers.

Texas Gifts and Treasures was a pleasure to deal with. They especially ship their products very fast and I would highly recommend doing business with them.

Babcakes Bakery

One dozen freshly baked and hand decorated sugar cookies in a Halloween design

I knew the minute my children and my husband saw this package that I would have to take a picture of the cookies right away. The cookies were visually appealing and beyond super cute. I loved the creativity of the different shapes, textures on the frosting, and the colors were bright and bold.

The cookies tasted delicious. The sugar cookies were just right on and unlike other sugar cookies that I have had before that were to sugary for me. I loved the little hints of vanilla and the softness of the cookies. The cookies were baked just right so that they were slightly golden.

These cookies would make a great surprise package to a friend or family member. I will always highly recommend Babcakes Bakery. They were wonderful to deal with and incredibly speedy on the delivery

Babcakes gets 5 stars from me.

SendOutCards with Jessie Game

SendOutCards with Jessie Game

I was blown away by the customer service of this consultant. I had never heard of this particular company before, so I had her create a card for me. I thought it was wonderful that a customer can select any type of card they would like to send. You can include any pictures, font and any information you would like in each card. All you have to do is just create the card and SendOutCards will do the rest of the work including printing out the card and mailing it to the recipient. The card itself was glossy which made the pictures stand out more and the paper used for the card was nice and thick. &

Rump Arounds Cloth Diapers

Rump Arounds Cloth Diapers

Green Cameo Minky Pocket Diaper

This diaper was very incredible soft and I was just blown away by the cute pattern that Rump Arounds surprised us with. Having a very long and lean child, I loved extra row of snaps which is great since he is on the smallest setting so far. The diaper was also created with a triple snap instead of double. The diaper also came with one insert.

Rump Arounds is a wonderful page. They carry a bunch of items ranging from overnight diapers, pocket diapers, wet/dry bags, extra inserts, and diaper cakes. The prices are very reasonable too and they have wonderful customer service.

Plexus Slim with Bridget

Plexus Slim with Bridget

Brief Background information on product:
Plexus Slim’s ingredients are all natural, and they are completely safe. Some of the Ingredients are, Soy Lecithin, Beet Root, Stevia, Lo Han Fruit, Grape Skin, Citric Acid, and Natural Fruit Flavors. All ingredients are natural with no artificial coloring or flavoring. No MSG or synthetics.Plexus Slim is naturally sweetened with the Stevia Leaf Extract and Lo Han Fruit Extract, and they do not cause a blood sugar spike when consumed.
Plexus Slim does not contain any stimulants such as caffeine, ma huang, ephedra or any other type of stimulatory ingredient.

Plexus Slim will:
• Help you lose weight and inches by burning fat, not muscle.
• Help keep blood sugar, cholesterol, and lipids at healthy levels
• Help increase your will-power over food, and reduces binge eating

My review on this product.

It was very easy to take. I just swallowed the product with a bottle of water. I was worried that I was going to have some uncomfortable feelings and highs that I have had with other weight loss products, but I had no issues at all. I was completely thrown off when I weighed myself this morning and loss 2 lbs since yesterday. I really love that this product is all natural and I had no side affects at all. I would highly recommend this product.

London Locks

London Locks

Hair Clips

I love these hair clips. When you get custom made hair clips, you can tell pretty much right away if they are made well. There was glue used, but not to the point unlike some hair clips that I have seen before with too much or a lack of glue. I also love the cheetah print ribbon with the little gem on top. London Locks also used snap clips which are very easy to use.

Kate's Thirty One Gifts

Kate's Thirty One Gifts

Large Utility Tote in Pin Dots print.

This is a very large sized tote which can easily be collapsed down when not in use. With its water and stain resistant material, the Large Utility Tote is durable and family-friendly. This size tote is a perfect size tote to fit enough towels, swimsuits and a few extra items for my family of 5 for a day at the beach.

I love that the tote has some form of metal lining which makes the bag incredibly sturdy. Thirty-One Gifts also offers many different patterns to select from and if you want, you are also able to get your products personalized.

CJN Flowers & Primitives

CJN Flowers & Primitives


Unlike regular crayons, I love that these crayons come in different shapes for customers to choose from. Coming from a mom who has a child with some special needs, these crayons are great for him to work on strengthening his hands. Regular crayons can be a challenge for him, but since these crayons are nice and thick, he was able to have a better grip on them. Another bonus is that not only does he like to color with them he likes to play with them like other toys that he has..

CjN Flowers has many other crayon shapes too. Butterflies, fire trucks, ice cream cones, and many more.

Cathy's Creations

Cathy's Creations

Cathy's Creations Baby Powder scented 4 oz. jar-
I have to say that I loved this scent. Reminded me exactly of using baby powder during diaper changes with my son. The size of the jar would make a great shower gift for a thank you gift. The flame from the candle burned cleanly. I also really enjoyed the fact that they were 100% All Natural Soy Candles.

Cathy's Creations Juniper Breeze scented votives. Love the purple coloring of this very fresh scented candle. They also burn very nice compared to other candles and I am happy to say that they are not messy like other candles I have tried in the past.

Overall, Cathy's Creations is a wonderful business to purchase from. I love the fact that they hand craft and hand pour each candle. I love that they offer a wide variety of scents and I love how speedy they are with their shipping.

Sally Stitches

Sally Stitches

Interchangeable Flower Hat

Description: The hat itself is is used with ivory yarn. This particular hat is sized for a 1-3 year old. I love the design of this hat and is beautifully made. It provides a nice little stretch incase of a growth spurt. There is 1 green button that is attached well to the hat, so that you can attach a different color flower to the hat. The knitted flowers are double layered so it "pops" out more on that hat which I love. Sally Stitches sent along with the hat, 7 different colored flowers that I can use with this hat. Which is wonderful, since it can go with more outfits. On Sally Stitches facebook page, they actually offer 24 different color selections for the flowers along with different colors for the hats.

Customer service is wonderful. The hat was made very well and quite fast. She is wonderful on communicating to customer's needs and ships out the product fast.

Wolf Creek Creations

Wolf Creek Creations

Jalapeno Jelly was delicious. I especially loved that even though it was sweet, it had that kick to it that jalapenos have. I highly recommend enjoying this jelly over some cream cheese and crackers. It would make a great snack for a party.

Watermelon Jelly was very refreshing for the heat we have been having. The jelly itself is perfect. I have had some watermelon products before where they just add too much sugar and this was just right. My son's enjoy this jelly spread over some toast for breakfast. Love the pink color and once again, another jelly that has a nice thick consistency.

Chocolate Covered Cherry Jelly was my favorite. The jelly had a very thick consistency. I loved the sweetness of the cherry with the hint of chocolate.

Apple Pie Jelly was also very delicious. I love the fact that there were actual chunks of apples in the jelly as well.

Create & Accentuate designs by Tara

Neck Tie Onesie

Create & Accentuate designs by Tara

Description of Business: Bibs, burp cloths, appliqued onsies and tshirts OH MY! Find the perfect baby shower gift by choosing a set or make your own set. Or buy for yourself to have a coordinating look for your baby ... boy or girl. All applique designs can be done on a onsie (sizes 0-3 to 24 month) or on a children’s tshirt (sizes 2T to 5T and extra small to extra large).

This item is a Size 6-12 Month Baseball Neck Tie Onesie. As you can see, there is still plenty of room for my almost a year old son to still grow into it (he is on the smaller side). I especially love the fact that the tie is sewed on instead of just glued. The onesie it self is very soft to touch. The customer service with Tara is excellent. She not only makes the products very well and you can see she puts a lot of pride into her work, she also gets the product out to you very fast. I would highly recommend Create & Accentuate to others.

Mark. Makeup

Mark. Makeup

Products to review:

1. Lash All You Want Mascara: I have to say that since I normally do not wear mascara, that I will enjoy wearing mascara now more because of this product. It claims to be a high-volume mascara and it is true. I was always jealous of my husband's and children's full lashes and now I can join in on the fun. The volume is just the right amount for me. I also love the fact that it does not go on clumpy and that it does not smudge. The color of the mascara that I was able to test was black and it was lovely on my lashes.

2. Mark. Juice Gems Lip Gloss in Raspberry color
This is another awesome lip gloss that I now love from Mark. I especially love the delicious smell of raspberries. I did realize that I only needed just a little dab of the lip gloss since it spreads well. The gloss itself gives a nice shine. It might not especially last long, but since you really only need a small little bit to apply, I really did not mind reapplying. The size portion is very fair compared to the price that Mark. has it for, so I can very much see myself purchasing more in the future.

Happy Birthday Plate from Whimsical Ceramics By Tracy Bond

Happy Birthday Plate from Whimsical Ceramics By Tracy Bond

Tracy made this beautiful hand painted Happy Birthday plate for my family. I love the fact that she free hand drawed the design onto the plate. I had also asked that the design was done in any boyish colors, which she followed completely with. Also, she is incredibly speedy with the shipping. I had the plate to me in less than a week, which is just outstanding to me.

Tracy makes everything from ceramic tiles, jewelry, gifts; personalized crosses, piggy banks, birthday plates, wedding platters, buckets, totes; custom baby plates/tiles and much more. Her facebook page is full of different pictures of her products.

I would give Tracy 5 out of 5 Stars for her quality in products, speed in delivery and overall customer service.

Review on Mark Pro Gloss Sarah Muck mark. Rep

mark Pro Gloss in the "Sexy" Color

Company's details on product
Plump lips while adding a hint of shiny color. Contains a special 3D complex to help hydrate for full, luscious lips. 0.104 oz. net wt.

Coming from a mom who normally does not get very much time to put on makeup, but loves lip glosses and such, this was a wonderful product. The gloss, itself is wonderful. Not sticky and runny as other lip glosses that I have used in the past. I am not exactly sure that I saw the plumping, but it was the very first time that I have used this particular product. Other glosses that I have tried that were supposed to plump my lips have caused strange burning sensations, so this was a nice change for me since I had no issues like that. The color "Sexy" is almost a nude pink color and very glossy and also the lip gloss has a very yummy scent and flavor to it. The lip gloss stays put for a lot longer than most of my lip glosses I have used in the past. I would highly recommend to others to purchase this lip gloss!! 5 out of 5 stars

Sarah Muck mark. Rep