Monday, November 21, 2011

Cathy's Creations

Cathy's Creations

Cathy's Creations Baby Powder scented 4 oz. jar-
I have to say that I loved this scent. Reminded me exactly of using baby powder during diaper changes with my son. The size of the jar would make a great shower gift for a thank you gift. The flame from the candle burned cleanly. I also really enjoyed the fact that they were 100% All Natural Soy Candles.

Cathy's Creations Juniper Breeze scented votives. Love the purple coloring of this very fresh scented candle. They also burn very nice compared to other candles and I am happy to say that they are not messy like other candles I have tried in the past.

Overall, Cathy's Creations is a wonderful business to purchase from. I love the fact that they hand craft and hand pour each candle. I love that they offer a wide variety of scents and I love how speedy they are with their shipping.

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