Monday, November 21, 2011

Sally Stitches

Sally Stitches

Interchangeable Flower Hat

Description: The hat itself is is used with ivory yarn. This particular hat is sized for a 1-3 year old. I love the design of this hat and is beautifully made. It provides a nice little stretch incase of a growth spurt. There is 1 green button that is attached well to the hat, so that you can attach a different color flower to the hat. The knitted flowers are double layered so it "pops" out more on that hat which I love. Sally Stitches sent along with the hat, 7 different colored flowers that I can use with this hat. Which is wonderful, since it can go with more outfits. On Sally Stitches facebook page, they actually offer 24 different color selections for the flowers along with different colors for the hats.

Customer service is wonderful. The hat was made very well and quite fast. She is wonderful on communicating to customer's needs and ships out the product fast.

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