Monday, November 21, 2011

Wolf Creek Creations

Wolf Creek Creations

Jalapeno Jelly was delicious. I especially loved that even though it was sweet, it had that kick to it that jalapenos have. I highly recommend enjoying this jelly over some cream cheese and crackers. It would make a great snack for a party.

Watermelon Jelly was very refreshing for the heat we have been having. The jelly itself is perfect. I have had some watermelon products before where they just add too much sugar and this was just right. My son's enjoy this jelly spread over some toast for breakfast. Love the pink color and once again, another jelly that has a nice thick consistency.

Chocolate Covered Cherry Jelly was my favorite. The jelly had a very thick consistency. I loved the sweetness of the cherry with the hint of chocolate.

Apple Pie Jelly was also very delicious. I love the fact that there were actual chunks of apples in the jelly as well.

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