Monday, November 21, 2011

Sock Monkey Hat from Hippy Child Crochet

Sock Monkey Hat from Hippy Child Crochet

I just love this hat. I had asked for a Sock Monkey hat with more boyish colors included in the hat and that is exactly what I got. The hat is perfect in size. In the past, I have been somewhat disappointed in some of the hats I have received from other businesses since the hat would be too small compared to what I have asked and having a child with a smaller sized head, I know it's not his head. This is also the first hat that my son actually wants to put and keep on. Most of the time he tries to yank of hats with in the first few minutes. He also enjoys to cuddle with the hat.

Hippy Child Crochet has amazing customer service. They are speedy when it comes to getting the custom made products out, but they don't just rush when it comes to quality. Their products are amazing and I will refer them to everyone I know.

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