Friday, December 2, 2011

Naked Bee Organics by KayLee

Naked Bee Organics by KayLee
Having extremely dry skin myself, I will say that these products were amazing.  The lotion, kept my hands nice and soft all day long when they are normally dry and cracked. I loved the nice fresh sent of the lotion too. Unlike many other lotions, I found this one to be wonderful since it was not greasy at all. I also now use this lotion on my son's eczema and it seems so far to take away the flare ups he has been having. 

The chap stick and soap were also amazing.  I am not a huge fan of big flavored and scented chap sticks, so this was great. The scent was barely there and I did not notice a flavor.  My husband actually has stolen the chap stick from me for that exact same reason.  For the soap, I use it especially on my one son during his baths and my showers since it has done wonders with my skin. This time around, I fully love the fact that the soap does have a scent. The soap itself provides a rich lather.

KayLee is a wonderful consultant. She communicated well with me and shipped the products extremely fast.  I would highly recommend doing business with her.  

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