Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fiesta Kids Boutique- Baby Booties Review

I will fully say that these adorable Fiesta Kids Baby Booties are incredibly adorable. Fiesta Kids Boutique gave me the opportunity to review a pair of their infant girl baby booties. I fully liked the fact that they used zero clue to make the booties.  Each pair is 100% made and embroidered by hand. The booties were also fully lined and there were no open seams.  As they state, all booties have a tri-layer of padding in their soles which adds comfort and still keeps the booties flexible for the baby.  
The pair of booties that I received was mostly brown in color. But, the green polka dot ribbon and flowers on top was a very nice contrast of colors.  Overall, the booties were made extremely well. You could tell that Fiesta Kids Boutique took the time to make an perfect product with out rushing through to make mass quantities like other booties that I have seen.  They also have great customer service. Not only do they respond fast to emails, they also ship their products in a reasonable time.  I will be personally mentioning this business to my many friends and family members that are expecting new babies this year. 

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