Sunday, February 5, 2012

Violet's Buds Review Part 1

Violet's Buds: Bows/headband/flower

I loved the butterfly ribbon clips! Really cute, well made and sturdy. The alligator style was very easy to get in my toddler's hair which is good because you have to be quick when you do her hair. The headband was super neat and unique as it was braided, which gave it a very cute handmade look. The fabric flower that came on it was also really cool and I liked that it came as a metal, spring hair clip, so it could be used alone or as the set, and I could position it after the headband to make sure it was in just the right place, without having to twist the headband around. The silk flower clip was just wonderful! I was glad that it was orange, because it will surely get lots of use once college football season starts here! With the alligator clip style I was able to use it both as a hair accessory and as an accent on her cute blue bubble suit. 

 Overall, the customer service was outstanding with Violet's Buds. They communicate well with their customers and they ship amazing products very fast.  I would highly recommend them to friends and family members.

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