Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lemongrass Spa Natural Skin Care with Allendra Bourget Review

 Skin Care Products 

I was given the opportunity to review several different items from the Lemongrass skin care line. I was amazed at how much I loved each one. My favorite though had to be the lavender facial scrub soap. I personally like to use the soap to refresh and fully clean my face after a good work out.  After fully rinsing my face off, my face felt very clean, refreshed, and relaxed.  The soap also helped clear up some red dry areas that I had on my face. I also was a huge fan of the eye cream and the lip balm.  The eye cream was not greasy or heavy feeling under my eyes like others I have used and the lip balm was just fantastic. I actually shared the lip balm with my 5 year old who was also suffering from chapped lips due to the winter.  With in a couple days of use of the lip balm, both of our lips were healed.  

Product Information  

With our customers' health always at the forefront, we are committed to providing the safest skin care available. Our fragrances are phthalate-free, colorants are from natural sources and our essential oils are organically grown from farms around the world.  Our products do not contain any sodium laureth sulfate, lead, parabens, alcohol, petroleum-based ingredients or phthalates. Our packaging labels are made from recycled corn starch and our containers and boxes are recyclable and reusable. Lemongrass continues to work towards offering healthful, sustainable spa products for our future and our children's future. 

We offer handcrafted, hand cut Bar Soap as well as castile-style Foaming Liquid Soap in convenient pump bottles. Gentle and non-drying, our soap is made with ingredients such as Olive oil, Shea butter, Almond oil and botanicals and comes in a variety of ten fragrance or essential oil blends.

Bath Products and Body Polish
Soothe your body and soul with our luxurious bath crystals offered in Lavender, Mango, Candy Cane (peppermint) and more! Use our Body Polish in the shower from neck down to moisturize and exfoliate. Fabulous for shaving your legs!  Enhance your bath with Mineral Bath Soak in Lavender Vanilla or Spearmint Eucalyptus essential-oil blends.  Try our Cupcake Fizzing Bath Bombs for fun in the bathtub! 

  Lotion, Creme, Body Silk, Body Icing
Our moisturizers contain therapeutic aloe vera, Shea butter and a variety of hydraing oils for healthier skin. Try one of our 14 varieties of lotion including Pomegranate, Lavender, Men’s Private Reserve, Grapefruit Lily, Unscented, Spearmint Eucalyptus or Lemon Sorbet. Our velvety-soft Body Icing, introduced in January 2012, is offered in six amazing scents or in a Variety Package with a ounce jar of each.

 This is just some basic information about their products from their main website.

Overall, Allendra is an amazing consultant to work with. She not only ships products fast, she is there for you if you have any questions.  

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