Sunday, February 5, 2012

Scentsy Review with Jenny Montes

Scentsy Buddy 

Working with Jenny was such a wonderful experience and she let me choose what I would be interested in reviewing for her. I went with the Scentsy Buddy, Scratch the Cat. The buddies seem like such a wonderful idea and I just know that E would love the "kitty"! I went with the lavender scent pouch, as I thought it would be a great calming scent for bedtime. Scratch was a hit as soon as I got him out of the box! He is super soft and very cuddly and E just loves to hug him and takes him to bed every night. She even wanted to wrap him at our recent babywearing meet-up. The scent is so wonderful and sweet, I love to give him a hug every now and then too. I can see him getting lots of love from now on at his new happy home!

Overall, Jenny Montes was a pleasure to work with and shipped the product extremely fast. We would highly recommend Independent Scentsy Consultant Jenny Montes.


  1. Both my kids have one of their own.. Kristian has the elephant and marissa has the pink pig.. When I get the chance to I am going to try and get the whole collection of them.. :) They are so adorable.

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